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Thread: Change of status from H4 to F1

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    yes you need a visa to enter canada.

    Quote Originally Posted by rasmi View Post
    Hey, I am an Indian citizen and I got admitted to a PhD program this fall. I did apply for a change of status from H4 to F1 but it is taking a lot of time. I need my F1 visa so that I can start with my TA as soon as the semester begins. I was considering going to Canada to get that done. Do I need a visa to enter Canada? Also, are visa interview dates readily available at the US Consulate in Canada? Can you please tell me the procedure that you used?

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    Hello everyone,

    I got my visa status changed from H4 to F1 recently. On my I-20 starting date is June 2nd, but my visa got approved on June 12th. So my International Student Officer contacted USCIS and they said to submit a request to change I-20 date from June 2nd to June 12th. So my ISO said to me that it takes 3 months to change. I want to confirm whether it takes 3 months to change the date on sevis or not?
    Hello, Can you share the information, what did you do after your approval. Did you get new I -20, do we need to pay SEVIS again ??? please reply me

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    U can study on H4 and then change ur status to F1. I did the same thing and ill be studying on F1 this fall.
    Hi ... I would like to know few more details How you converted your H4 to F1 visa, even I'm looking for conversation. Please can reply me ...

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    Hi, you can continue studying on H-4 and change you status even in the last semester to F-1 visa. I did the same. Hope this helps!

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    hello ,
    while waiting for change of status from h4 to F1 , the study we do on H4 will that be considered on F1 for being eligible for CPT or I need to wait further for one academic year on F1 visa for CPT ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by kanchana2805 View Post
    Hey friends, I do have a question , can u help me with an answer.
    I'm doing my master currently on H4, and applied for change of status here and waiting for approval. Hopefully after my approval ,

    1. should I need to get F1 stamping before I graduate, I will be graduating on May 2015 ? or Can I be here until I complete my OPT?
    2. Can I visit Canada for stamping ?? Is it easy if I go there than going to India?
    3. If In case I need to go for stamping before graduation , I can go there in December during my winter break , but by that time , My H4 expires (on Nov 2014), thinking about the worst case , Do I need to face any hard time with F1 denials or due to H4 Expiry ?
    4. What reason is most accepted when the VO ask why are you converting from H4 to F1 ??

    Awaiting for your reply. Help me
    Hi can u call me on 7047476248.

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    Can a B2 Tourist Visa be Changed To An F1 Student Visa? Get more details at

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