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Thread: Change of status from H4 to F1

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    Change of status from H4 to F1

    Hi everyone!

    I am joining a university in this fall and I want to change my status from H4 to F1. I can not change it by siting in US, as it might take more than 3 months and I don't have that much of time. The only option I have, is to go back to India, or get it stamped from Canada. I really don't want to go to India right now, and I am really skeptical about going to Canada. Have anyone of you ever got his/ her F1 approved from Canada before? If yes, Could you please tell me how long does it take and whether it is possible or not?

    Thanks a ton in advance. I really like your comments and suggestions. keep up the good work...


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    I am also looking for a univ for my wife. Any university which is to enroll and maintain status and get OPT in the end to get on job.

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    I got it changed in india

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    You can join the university as H4 and apply for change of status to F1. I know friends who did the same thing.

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    Hi it's not possible to get your F1 stamped in Canada. Either you can go to India or start studying on H4 and then apply for change of status. Hope this helps.

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    U can study on H4 and then change ur status to F1. I did the same thing and ill be studying on F1 this fall.

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    hi where in idia did you get. I have an appointment this tursday in chennai. Did they ask questions?

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    U can start studying on H4, but the glitch is u cannot opt for COP or OPT. Hence apply fr change of visa status, H4 to F1 and get ur visa stamped the next time u go to India, not necessary that u go now.

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    I got my f1 visa renewed in Canada. the procedure is the same but you will get your passport back within a day.

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    You can start with H4, if you have been on H4 status you would also be eligible for the in state tuition fees while on F1 you would pay international fees. Anyways when you join an institute you can start with your CPT right away , so while you are in midst of your studies apply for a change in status.

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