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Thread: Change of status from H4 to F1

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    yes you need a visa to enter canada.

    Quote Originally Posted by rasmi View Post
    Hey, I am an Indian citizen and I got admitted to a PhD program this fall. I did apply for a change of status from H4 to F1 but it is taking a lot of time. I need my F1 visa so that I can start with my TA as soon as the semester begins. I was considering going to Canada to get that done. Do I need a visa to enter Canada? Also, are visa interview dates readily available at the US Consulate in Canada? Can you please tell me the procedure that you used?

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    Hello everyone,

    I got my visa status changed from H4 to F1 recently. On my I-20 starting date is June 2nd, but my visa got approved on June 12th. So my International Student Officer contacted USCIS and they said to submit a request to change I-20 date from June 2nd to June 12th. So my ISO said to me that it takes 3 months to change. I want to confirm whether it takes 3 months to change the date on sevis or not?
    Hello, Can you share the information, what did you do after your approval. Did you get new I -20, do we need to pay SEVIS again ??? please reply me

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    U can study on H4 and then change ur status to F1. I did the same thing and ill be studying on F1 this fall.
    Hi ... I would like to know few more details How you converted your H4 to F1 visa, even I'm looking for conversation. Please can reply me ...

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    Hi, you can continue studying on H-4 and change you status even in the last semester to F-1 visa. I did the same. Hope this helps!

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    hello ,
    while waiting for change of status from h4 to F1 , the study we do on H4 will that be considered on F1 for being eligible for CPT or I need to wait further for one academic year on F1 visa for CPT ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by kanchana2805 View Post
    Hey friends, I do have a question , can u help me with an answer.
    I'm doing my master currently on H4, and applied for change of status here and waiting for approval. Hopefully after my approval ,

    1. should I need to get F1 stamping before I graduate, I will be graduating on May 2015 ? or Can I be here until I complete my OPT?
    2. Can I visit Canada for stamping ?? Is it easy if I go there than going to India?
    3. If In case I need to go for stamping before graduation , I can go there in December during my winter break , but by that time , My H4 expires (on Nov 2014), thinking about the worst case , Do I need to face any hard time with F1 denials or due to H4 Expiry ?
    4. What reason is most accepted when the VO ask why are you converting from H4 to F1 ??

    Awaiting for your reply. Help me
    Hi can u call me on 7047476248.

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    Can a B2 Tourist Visa be Changed To An F1 Student Visa? Get more details at

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    For visas like the F-1, where you have to show strong ties to your home country, itís always risky to go to a third country for visa stamping. The US Consulates feel that itís difficult for a consular officer to determine if you have strong ties to India when youíre applying for a visa in Canada. Of course, you can always try and if they deny, go to India or come back to the US and file the COS.
    You can argue that the only reason you arenít going to India is because of the pandemic, but you have to get to Canada first. There are also restrictions on who can enter Canada at this time due to Covid-19 so you should check if you fall under any exempt categories.

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