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Thread: Does non-paid internship count as employment under OPT?

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    Does non-paid internship count as employment under OPT?

    Does non-paid internship count as employment under OPT?

    This was posted on on May 19th 2013

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    yes if you are on 12 month opt then you can update your status with your school as "voluntarily working without any compensation" . But on 17 month opt you need to work with e-verified employer with minimum pay $7.25/hour

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    You just need to submit your offer letter of company within 3 months of your OPT. None of their (DSO) business weather it's paid or unpaid...OPT means Optional Practical Training. In OPT period , you have officially work authorization to work in US. Once your OPT will start, your time will be started to work legally. Now,it's up to you when you start your paid or unpaid internship. Good Luck for your Internship..

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    thanks! Do I need to submit my offer letter to my DSO?

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    You need to complete an online form that will update your records. You don't need to submit any documents just update your employer name, address, phone number and position. I updated that with my international office and it got updated at Dept of homeland

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    Which online form do I need to fill out?

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    Thank you! you've been so helpful!

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    I just realized that my internship work agreement says that the relationship of both parties is that of independent contractors not employer/employee...does it matter? FYI, I haven't signed that agreement yet.

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    Dubey I'm on 12-month OPT, thanks for your comment!

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    Yes..but it has to be related to your major..and make sure you are in an e verified company while applying for opt extension

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