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Thread: Does non-paid internship count as employment under OPT?

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    also please share your contact looking for good employer

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    Quote Originally Posted by pr1990c View Post
    also please share your contact looking for good employer
    will introduce to my recruiter, he was very helpful explained me entire process, so happy - Joseph 732-208-8319. if you have aproject they will take care and have internal legal team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by saksham View Post
    okkey fair enough , however does it happen like this if ur employer was non e-verified , and employment was volunteer unpaid employment , u get denied STEM extension ?
    i think it should be based on location. I am in WA and getting paid 12/HR from my employee on bench

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    This is scary. Was he working 20 hours/ week after graduating with his professor? That should not be considered as unemployment. Was his work in a lab or a research project in the STEM field? I need more details please!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vr1991h View Post
    always good to work for paid jobs so 17 months extension will not have RFE. My friend recently denied extension because he was working with his professor
    Was he working in a lab in the university for 20 hours a week?

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    I'm on OPT extension still searching for job and I've 1.5 months to lapse my unemployment period.
    I heard that you can stop your OPT unemployment clock by 2 means:
    1) Join a consultancy full time and get enrolled as an employee
    2) Work as a volunteer for non-profit org in the same field as your studies.

    My question is (considering that I'm in 24 month extension period)
    a) if you work for any employer but unpaid - will that count for unemployment?
    b) if you work for 20 hours/less in a week - will that count for unemployment?

    Pl help clarifying these questions as it'll clarify my confusion.


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    Hello we have openings for OPT students for training and placement, if you have any contacts kindly share my contact - 908-9824358

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    Hey guys currently i'm on my OPT which started on July 1, 2018. It's been 4 months and i'm still looking for a job. So i did join a consultancy and enrolled as an unpaid internship employee. I've submitted the offer letter to my college as well as updated the information on my SEVP portal. But it's been 4 months now and i left my consultancy 2 months back to join a new consultancy. But the new consultancy hasn't provided me with the offer letter. They are telling me once i get an actual job through their consultancy after that they will provide me with the offer letter. My question is that is it safe? Should i update in my profile that i have left my previous consultancy and joined a new one or should i wait for an actual job and then they will provide me with an offer letter and then i should update it. Please help me as i dont know what to do in this situation. Is it safe that i don't update my profile right now and after a few months or i should get a new letter from consultancy right now. Any answer would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    We will provide you the offer letter and also apply for your stem extension. We have a good marketing team, we can get a project for you as soon as possible also we do H1 filing. If you are interested reach me out on 908-982-4358

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    It's always like that, and they do not try to hide it.

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