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Thread: H1B amendment Denied after RFE, what's next ?

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    try all the options keep it as last option take admission in a university that gives cpt from day 1

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    client letter consequences

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    Ask Accenture for SOW or mass agreement with client C

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    Transfer your h1b application with any other employer with in 10 days. I just came out of that situation.

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    Hi , I have few questions rearding h1b ammendment so can you please contact reply me
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    Quote Originally Posted by sandehos View Post

    My H1 amendment got denied yesterday because my employer failed to prove Employer employer relationship. I work for a consulting firm A, have vendor B who is associated with Accenture that works for Client C. Since Accenture/Client C don't have policy of providing end-client letter, I was unable to provide relationship between Accenture and Client C that caused denial of my H1 amendment. But I have provided badge/ID and email interactions with client C during RFE stage. Now my denial says that I have to either appeal/leave US before my I-94 expires (May 29th is my I-94 expiry date.) Now my consulting firm says there are less chances that my amendment approves after appeal.

    My question is, what are the possible ways for me to stay legal in US and keep my h1 status active ?

    Any suggestions are highly appreciated.
    HI , whats your email id bro need to talk to you i have few questions on it please try to help me on this

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    Hi Sandehos,

    How long does it take USCIS to respond on RFE after USCIS received the required document. Im in same situation. Got a RFE to submit vendor letter, client and end client letter. Submitted vendor, client(wipro) letters. But end client not ready to give letter. Last week i have submitted the all the documents. How long USCIS will take to respond on my status.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DesiOPT-FaceBook-Fan View Post
    Ask Accenture for SOW or mass agreement with client C
    Did you manage to contact them and get an agreement signed?
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    Also check out outsource from Romania

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