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Thread: Confusion on whether I will get opt and opt extension

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    Confusion on whether I will get opt and opt extension

    I am currently a masters student in stem course and will graduate in Spring 2015. Due to some academic reason I have not applied for my opt and have not done CPT either because I am not eligible for either of them because I got suspended in fall 2014 and now I am on my new visa with new sevis and with only one semester remaining in my masters I am facing this problem. Now I have applied for a stem course at Sullivan University. My question is now
    1) Will i be eligible for OPT and OPT extension after I complete my secodn masters at sullivan in stem course keeping in mind that I have not applied for opt or cpt in my first masters.
    Thanks for the help.

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    Sullivan is not a better option to join. I don't have answer for your question but what i know is that u cannot apply H1 under masters quota with degree from sullivan university bcz it is for profit university.

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    i think you can apply for opt as you did not use opt at masters level

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    You can apply for OPT , same thing happened to me four years back

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    Hello, guys want to know if I can enroll in an online post graduate certificate program whiles working on opt.

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    The new science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) OPT extension is more selective and prolongs existing post-completion OPT employment authorizations for some F-1 students.

    Designated school officials must recommend eligible students for both post-completion OPT and the STEM OPT extension in the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System. However, students must fulfill different eligibility requirements to participate in each opportunity.
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    Generally OPT is part of masters curriculum and you can get an OPT work authorization after you complete your second masters at Sullivan University

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