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Thread: F1 Visa re-entry or Reinstatement

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xavier69 View Post
    just visit mexico like SVU people do to get back the status. cross the border and get back your visa status
    HI, I am in a similar dilemma. I have collected my new I-20 for reentry. I just want to prepare myself for a smooth process. Any advice for me? Who are SVU?

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    Quote Originally Posted by madhu511 View Post
    Hi Chandana,

    Thanks a lot for your quick and valuable reply at this point of time.
    I would like to let you know that it's me and my sister both going to be cross the border at the same time because for me my first OPT got denied and for my sister her OPT Extension got denied due to new rule.

    We are in same situation because our SEVIS showing up as completed now.
    We don't want to go for MTR or Re-reinstatement because it will take long time to get it sorted out.

    As you said in your reply, I have couple of queries to handle in POE.

    1. What should we say for why you need new I-94. I thought of telling I am here for an I-94 update if they question me Why you are here if your school is in Virginia.

    2. Is there any possibility to expect any more questions accordingly for my sister due to her state now.

    We are planning to go to mexico border near to San diego.

    It would be great if we can speak with you once on phone or in hangouts.

    I am so sorry for the inconvenience. Please update me accordingly.

    Pls ai wanted to know how your crossing went. I am intending on crossing the upcoming week. I would love to get feedback from you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elphoche View Post
    Pls i wanted to know how your crossing went. I am intending on crossing the upcoming week. I would love to get feedback from you.
    Lemme chronicle on how I made my reentry because it might help another person. I was really afraid making this trip because i was afraid of being denied reentry.
    As a throwback, I went out of status because i was not able to complete my transfer to a new school before my grace period ended (I had already applied but it was late and my application was not reviewed on time). the school told me that if I was still interested in enrolling, it would have to be as a new student in order to regain my status. So I opted for the reentry reinstatement. I went out of status on the 18th of Nov 2018, got my new I-20 on the 30th of Nov. I flew to Cancun, Mexico on the 19th of December and did my reentry on the same day. At the port of entry, the officer asked me where i was coming from, after i had presented my passport and I-20. Told him mexico. He asked me if i went for a new visa, I replied no, and told him I went for a reentry to regain my status. He asked me if I had been law-abiding since I was in the US, i replied yes. He called another officer who took me for secondary inspection. Getting there, I waited for like 30 mins before I was called. The second officer asked me if I was a transfer student, i replied no and told him my case, showed him the letter i got from my school and my old I-20. Then he was on his computer for sometime, then stamped my passport, and then asked me if I had up to 10,000 dollars, i replied yes. then he told me i was free too go. That was how I went...

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    Will they accept opt denials too

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