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Thread: STEM OPT Extension RFE-Did this happen to anyone?

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    STEM OPT Extension RFE-Did this happen to anyone?

    I was asked for a request of evidence by USCIS for my STEM OPT extension is it normal that this would happen if not what would have been the reason for this kind of status change on my application.
    I did not get mail to my home but it says they have posted it today and will receive it in a couple of days
    but for now i just wanted to know that does this actually happen to any one i am a bit worried
    everything is right about my filing i even dont have unemployment period problem

    This was posted on on April 25th 2013

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    which school?

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    One of my frnd had the RFE . It just means Request for Evidence. In the letter they send u explains everything about xtra documents you need to submit. Once you submit those documents, thy wil process it within 10 r 15 days. My frnd got STEM OPT card aftr he submitted documents uscis requested for.. So not a prob .. Wait for that letter from uscis..!!

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    happened to one of my friend

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    I got an RFE as I had submitted my unofficial transcript they had requested me to send either a copy of my degree or an official transcript. Just wait for their letter they will explain you what was wrong or missing in your application and then resend it. The whole process takes a bit of time but eventually you should get your extension card.

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    When did you apply for OPT Extension and when did you get the RFE? I have applied for OPT Exxtension in mid feb and it is still in initial review so just wanted to know the average time of provcessing
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    Minimum it will take 47 days to 60 days - this time period applies for Texas USCIS, it seems others USCIS take more time to porcess...
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    USCIS usually never straightaway rejects STEM extension application, they will ask you for the supporting docs if they feel so.

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    so u say that RFE is the 1st step for rejection...? or RFE is a step to avoid rejection..?
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    I got an RFE for my STEM OPT extension.. the rfe was that the everify number that my employer provided me was wrong.. Later I got a letter from my employer and sent it to the address they provided and the rfe got cleared in a months time.. dont worry for opt rfe it will be a simple thing only

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