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Thread: My OPT period

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    My OPT period

    I am a recent Graduate student currently working on my OPT period. My current EAD ends on March 15, 2019. I have applied for my STEM OPT EXTENSION, and the parcel reached the USCIS on February 11, 2019. If it takes 90 days to process the application and if my new EAD card gets approved on May 11, 2019, will STEM EAD start from March 16, 2019 or May 11, 2019. Please guide me.

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    You can work upto 90 days with your expired EAD while your STEM OPT case is in process. Usually the start date on your next ead card is going to be continuous from the date of expiry of your previous EAD.

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    Basically following the next start date of previous EAD date.

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    Irrespective of any approval date, start date will still be March 16.

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