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Thread: STEM OPT Extension RFE-Did this happen to anyone?

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    Hi everyone. I applied for my OPT recently and got an RFE stating that the photos I submitted were not as per requirements. I responded to the RFE as soon as I received it. The Texas Service Center has had the response for 5 days now. Is there anyone on the forum who went through this recently and knows how long it could take to process the RFE response? Thanks!

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    Hello all,

    I want to travel to India during August/September 2014. I am on OPT & working in Oil & Gas field from October 2013. My current OPT is going to expire in September 2014 & I am applying for STEM extension in few days. My F1 VISA expired in August 2013. I would like to know if I can travel to India with OPT STEM ext-EAD card and then go to stamping at the US Consulate in India for coming back to US. Also can you please tell me what all documents are required for this thing.


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    Did the employer included the e-verify number in the letter? I have a similar situation. I got an RFE stating that what l provided as the e-verify number is rather the tax id number. However my employer says they have to decided about enrolling on e-verify during board meetings. Can l tell the employer to write a letter clarifying this?

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    STEM Extension Rejection after late DSO i20 recommentation

    I have applied for my STEM extension 2 months before my OPT will expire with all valid documents. DSO recommentation of STEM was on October 24 and my packet was received by USCIS on November 24(32 days later). I have seen on instructions of I765 form that it should not exceed 30 days. I called USCIS to ask about 30 day rule for OPT STEM EXTENSION and they said there is no such rule for Stem extension.But my school says there is high chance for rejection.My OPT expires on Jan 31 2015.My application is still in initial review. What are the chances of getting STEM extension? Is there any thing I can do now, as my application still in initial review and I have Jan 31 2015 as deadline?
    My schoolsays they can pull/withdraw STEM Extension and may be able to request an expedited update given the fact that I need to apply for STEM again…However, they cannot promise that it would work or estimate how quickly it would be done…All they could do is submit a request.Should I take chance for cancelling my current application and reapply again (but again school cannot gurantee If they can cancel my application within my current OPT ends,i would be in a problem if cancellation happens after my current OPT ends,because I wont be able to reapply again)or wait till USCIS replies back with denial?

    If its denied, are there any chances to get my STEM by applying for MTR?

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    Did you fill? I-983 FORM SECTION - 5 PART -B?

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    Does anybody have an Idea how to and what to fill in 1-983 form section - 5 Part-B?
    Below are the questions ... That will be a great help i am stuck at these questions.

    Note: for the remaining fields in this section, employers who already have an internal/pre-existing training plan in place may fill in the details based on that plan.

    1. Student Role: Describe the student's role with the employer and how that role is directly related to enhancing the student’s knowledge obtained through his or her qualifying STEM degree.

    2. Goals and Objectives: Describe how the assignment(s) with the employer will help the student achieve his or her specific objectives for work-based learning related to his or her STEM degree. The description must both specify the student’s goals regarding specific knowledge, skills, or techniques as well as the means by which they will be achieved.

    3. Employer Oversight: Explain how the employer provides oversight and supervision of individuals filling positions such as that being filled by the named F-1 student. If the employer has a training program or related policy in place that controls such oversight and supervision, please describe.

    4. Measures and Assessments: Explain how the employer measures and confirms whether individuals filling positions such as that being filled by the named F-1 student are acquiring new knowledge and skills. If the employer has a training program or related policy in place that controls such measures and assessments, please describe.

    5. Additional Remarks (optional): Provide additional information pertinent to the Plan.

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    it happened to me and my employer was not willing to file. I was almost planning to go back even though i was having a project

    my friend then introduced me to his company and they have helped to respond. thank God

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