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Thread: H4 to F1 Visa Stamping Denial Chances?

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    Hi, I am on H4 and I applied for COS H4 to F1 but its been over 5 months and no answer so I am planning to go to India and get it stamped there. Since its last minute, I might have to change consulate depending on the dates availability. Can I do that? If yes, is there any risk? Also, how to edit the consulate in DS160? The form automatically takes the district Consulate in which I fall according to my address(Mumbai in my case) and I see that Mumbai has a wait time of 17 days for taking an appointment. However, Kolkata has only 2 days. I havent submitted my form yet but I dont know how to edit the consulate if the wait time doesnt change. Please help! Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Would u plz tell me what was the outcome and how did it go

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    I would like to take spring 2018. When should I apply for Visa. I am an Indian. Is there any problem with applying my US Visa? What are the requirements of applying US Visa?

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    If your school is completely online/100% distance learning, donít go for stamping, as it will be denied per the most recent guidance from ICE and DHS.

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