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Thread: Which is better: CPT from Day 1 Vs.Joining PHD program?

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    Response from 1. As far as I know, It would be better to join in PHD. Because MS doesn't provide you a OPT period again as per USCIS rules. The probability of H1 getting picked decreases by next year. There is no guarantee that your H1 gets picked next year as well. PHD enables you to get a GC by end of OPT period of GC as per USCIS rules. So You GC will be in your hand by 4.5 years max. You can work on CPT for an year, utilize your OPT, get completely into research and settle down. Even if you go back to your home country you will be easily paid atleast 2000 USD as Principal/Director to some or the other Engineering college. At the end of the day, its a personal decision.
    2. I have a list of few universities such as Goldey Beacom, ITU and few more. But CPT for more than an year is not recommendable as these students face several issues while H1 and GC processing as well (Heard from few people who experienced this). These universities are genuine but the consequences are not yet assessed completely.

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    As we know USCIS is returning rejected cap-subject H-1B petitions for FY2015. There are number of OPT students who have not heard positive decisions from USCIS.

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    If you think USCIS is stupid, you better think again. They are probably reading these posts and adjusting the way they check documents from India specifically. Most of the fraud is happening from that country so the rejection rate is much higher. You cannot keep trying find loopholes in the system (such as mom and pop universities, working on CPT in your first sememster etc). In a sense you are telling immigration that you have dual intent indirectly and that is why most of you all will get rejected. You don't use F1 Visa for its intended purpose. Most Indians are using it to come to America and start work. They can care less about the grades they are getting because the mom and pop universities will adjust it either way. Trust me USCIS already knows.

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