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Thread: H1B Lottery Selection Status FY 2015

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    H1B Lottery Selection Status FY 2015

    Please select your status on H1B FY 2015 from above poll

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    So, if first someone chose 'waiting', then can the user change the vote? because Selected & Rejected is subsequent to Waiting.. If the user votes twice Wait and Select then the statistic will be wrong..

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    If you are trying to poll via mobile phone - please visit at the bottom of the page - select "Full Site" and cast your poll

    H1B Lottery Selection Status FY 2015
    Discussion Forum for OPT CPT F1 Visa Students from Desi OPT

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    Good question, We have not tested the switch - If it is a registered user, we believe it can be changed, if not, please let us know

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    I am not using it. I have not filed for H1

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