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Thread: Travel after applying for OPT? Can I re-enter US?

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    Travel after applying for OPT? Can I re-enter US?

    HI, I would like to know if I would be able to leave the country if I apply for OPT. If I apply now, and go back home for a couple of months and return, would I be able to? Or would my OPT become invalid? Thank You

    This was posted on on march 27th 2013
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    Recommended not to leave!.. Heard bad stories.. You can leave while student; have fun, return, then work hard...

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    yes, one can leave USA when the OPT decision is pending at uscis and can re enter United states and also shoud carry all the required documents and should have Valid ViSA. If the OPT is approved when not in USA then we must have a job offer in order to enter united states.

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