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Thread: Need urgent advice! Travelling to India while waiting for a university admit !

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    Need urgent advice! Travelling to India while waiting for a university admit !

    Hi all, Need urgent advice! I am currently in the US for 1.5yrs on H4 visa and now planning to convert to F1. I have applied to universities for the FALL 2014 intake.But have not got any decision yet. I am planning to travel to India with my husband from March 28th to April 30th or may 1st week.

    1.Is it safe to travel at this time?What docs should I carry along with me?

    2. What would happen if I get an admit when I am in India? Should I convert to F1 from India or can I come back to the USA and then apply for F1 as planned.

    3. My husband changed from a fulltime to a contracting job 6 months ago. So we have to go for stamping. Would there be a problem? My H4 has been extended till 2016.

    4.One of the universities asked me if I was planning to travel to my home country during this period, and I said no. But now I have to go.Should I worry or inform them about it?

    Pls advice asap as I have to book my tickets to India accordingly! Thank you very much in advance!!

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