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Thread: Travelling in India on OPT

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    Hi all,
    I have applied for OPT on october 1st and still the application is in initial review. My CPT ends on december 21st and currently I am employed . I am planning to go India on december 5th and will return on 20th. will there be any problem at the port of entry? Appreciate your replies. Thank you

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    [B][U]Traveling abroad while OPT is pending[/U][/B]

    Hey guys,

    I am sure many of you might have come across this question that I am going to ask: "Should I travel when my OPT is still pending, but I have an offer in hand". I read across many websites, and got mixed reviews and now I am seriously confused so as to what I should do. I have a signed I-20 form, I have received the notice I-797C which informs me that my I-765 application has been received. It has been 2 months now, since the application is under process. Also, I have finished my degree (2 weeks ago).

    What do you guys suggest? Do you know anyone who travelled like this and had any issue or none at all?
    Please share your thoughts about it.
    Any sort of information is appreciated.

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    hello everyone
    The OPT case was recieved on Nov 3rd'2014. Its more than 80 days and status is still case was recieved. i called USICS today and they generated a service request for me to check whether my case needs a biometrics test or not. I am worried is the service request made for this? I told them also that I am worried that whether this service request put an additional delay in my case. They asked me not to be worried about it. This is just to check and if the test is not required in my case then I need to wait on the decision of my OPT. What should I do now? Any suggestions? Thanks

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    what is opt...

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    Thanks, in advance, for any info.
    Very interesting. thanks for sharing.

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    I have the following things:

    1. EAD card
    2. OPT I-20
    3. Unexpired visa
    4. Unexpired passport
    5. Offer letter with joining date

    I would like to go back to India for some weeks and come back before my joining. Is it OK to leave USA even after getting my EAD card? Because most people I have heard have left before they received the EAD card but got it mailed to them in India.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Your message was posted anonymously on our Facebook wall at November 2nd - Please review comments from other users

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    you should be fine. heard that i20 format has been changed. Just make sure you have the new i20 format

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    same situation

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    Have all the necessary documents with you. New employment offer and other job related docs are mandatory for hassle free travel.

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