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Thread: Travelling in India on OPT

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    Travelling in India on OPT

    Hey All,
    I have a question. I need to go to India in this December. I am hoping that I will have following documents with me at the time of leaving USA.
    1. Offer Letter for employment
    2. OPT card
    3. I20 signed by international office
    4. Valid Visa
    Will I still have problem at the port of entry or this should be OK?
    I have applied for OPT card. How much time does it take for OPT card to come in normal case?
    Please share your opinion.

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    Please provide further information

    When did you apply for OPT card? Which Service center?
    What is your Employment start date?
    How long is your stay?

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    opt extension and college diploma

    Does anyone have recent experience with STEM OPT extension. Is a copy of diploma/ degree absolutely required or does the final transcript works? Has any one successfully obtained extension with just a final transcript?

    Thank you

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    I applied for OPT card 2 days back.
    Employment start date will be Feb 3, 2014
    Stay will be for like 15 days from Jan 10, 2014 to Jan 25, 2014

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    yes,but most of them dont know about it .. have plenty of time to explain that it is issued by uscis which is a gov agency ..

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    Are yu sure ur opt card would hv arrive by then?

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    Just valid i20 and visa is ok ... U don't need anything else ... When they ask at the immigration counter 'purpose of visit' just say 'student' that's it ....

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    Q1 no problem ..
    Q2 currently it is around 50-70 days .. 90 days is max time allowed by law to take a decision by uscis ..

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    1. with all the details you provided you are fine to go...
    2. normal duration for OPT card processing is 90 days. But it also depends the center you submit it to. For me I received it in 47 days from Texas center...

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    You should be good to go. In the worst case if you dont receive it by the departure date, you will have to request your International advisor to fedex it to you in India along with the 'OPT approved' I 20.

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