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Thread: Travelling in India on OPT

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    I have same case. I am planning to travel to India in December 2016. I got an offer letter on 10th August 2015 from my Employer but I started working with Client in January 2016. Till January, my employer was paying me bi-weekly stipend.
    Currently I am working on Employer-Vendor-Client relationship at client location but I am allowed to work remotely. I recently received my 24 months STEM OPT.
    I have :
    1) Offer letter from my employer
    2) i20 signed by DSO
    3) valid F1 visa
    4) unexpired passport.
    5) 24 months STEM OPT
    6) Pay slips from January to Till Date

    Are there any concerns at port of entry with these documents ? Do I need to carry any additional documents ?

    Thank you,

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    You need to collect all information about country where you want to go then call a Travel Service Provider which help to you your documentation.

    Thank You,

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    Hi, everyone!

    A few years ago I entered the US with B1/B2 visa, and after couple months applied and switched to F1 status. During my education, I have never been outside of US, and never have actually F1 visa stamp in my passport.
    This spring, after graduation, I have got my OPT’s EAD and started working for some company.

    Now my boss is asking me to travel to Europe for a couple weeks training, and I really don’t want to refuse this proposition.

    Thus, I have I-20, unexpired passport, EAD, and all necessary papers from the employer, but [I]don’t have a visa in my passport[/I].

    Please, tell me if I have any option other than fly to my home country (Ukraine) and apply for student visa in US embassy. I just started my job, and doubt that it is the right time to ask for a vacation, especially because the process of obtaining new visa may take unpredictable time, or even be rejected.

    Maybe there is a chance to apply for Advance Parole,[I][/I] or something like that, which make me guarantees to re-enter to the US?

    Thank you.

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    I started a new thread. with the same topic.

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    I am on F1 OPT EAD till Dec2017 and applying for H4 COS, H4 EAD. If COS is approved before Dec17, will I be able to work as my OPT EAD is still valid?

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    opt extension and college diploma

    Does anyone have recent experience with STEM OPT extension. Is a copy of diploma/ degree absolutely required or does the final transcript works? Has any one successfully obtained extension with just a final transcript?

    Thank you

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    Hello all,

    I am on STEM OPT with validity until Feb 2020 and planning to travel to India in month of Feb,2019.
    I am employed and currently working for a client on contract basis.
    Based on current situation, i am concerned if it would it be an issue for me during immigration process while coming back to USA?

    Please share your suggestion.

    Thank you.

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    No, i didn't travel within the US. It may happen in my future

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