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Thread: Universities offering CPT from day 1

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    Can you inbox me the schools which are accredited and offer day 1 CPT.


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    Harrisburg University offers CPT from Day1. Scholarship up to $500 is available from the University for the coming session. If you are applying for coming session and interested in scholarship,you can email me before Dec 31 for details about the scholarship. I can give you forms and details.

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    My H1B petition was denied. can anyone knows any universities or college in houston Texas offering CPT from day 1 ?

    your fast response in this regard will highly appreciated.

    Thank you


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    Hi Sidhu,
    My situation is exactly similar to yours. Did you find any university starting in November/December that offers cpt as part of the curriculum.
    Please let me know.


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    Hey y'all!

    Concordia College in Bronxville, NY is also offering DAY 1 CPT under their MS in Applied Statistics program!

    Check it out if it's a good fit for you!

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    Hey folks,

    Anyone know about the Day 1 CPT colleges in NC? I see some of the UNC colleges has Day1 CPT, appreciate any feedback on those. Also, any idea about the waketech colleges?


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    99% of the schools which provide CPT from day 1 are closed...Its not even good to choose such a kind of schools. Many of them are closed. So kindly join in universities like UCM or UIS where you can complete Masters with in an year

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