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Thread: Stem extension denied

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    Stem extension denied

    Hi, I got an RFE asking complete employment history for OPT STEM extension on June 3rd 2013 and opt expired June 24th 2013. My attorney addressed the RFE on my behalf with all the timesheets, certificates received during the 12months and my pay stubs in august. I came to know about STEM denial 3days back and I do not know the reason yet. I was unaware of the 60days grace period before my denial status. My DSO said my SEVIS is complete, what does that mean? I still have a valid visa till end of next year. I am trying to get an admission into a univ now and probably I will get an I-20 next week. What are my options for legal stay in USA? I am terrified . please help me. No one is telling me my options clearly. Anyone who had this problem or know abt this prob, please take time and respond, I will be so grateful to you. Pls

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    Hello Sir,
    Have you received your Denial letter. Can you tell me what it states. Were you working as an unpaid intern in some consulting firm. Can you explain your employment history. So I could help you out

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    find a univ which alows you to work on cpt right from first day. with that option u can still continue working n go for h1b next year. if u browse through the page search for related posts and u can find some univ name as i am not sure abot those names.

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    you were unaware of ur 60 day grace period before denial? what does that mean? did u go over the grace period? Also plz do post if u discover the reason behind this...becoz thats the ONLY way this post can help others as well

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    As your sevis is complete, u hv to take a new admission n also to activate the new sevis, you have to go out of US and come back

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    If your extension is denied, you have 60 days from your denial date to do the following:
    1. Join a school and get a new I20 issued. Your classes do not have to start in that 60 day peroid, but can start within 5 months from the day your 60 day peroid ends.
    2. You can file for mtr, which is basically a motion to reconsider. Not sure, how that works though.
    Again, I am not an attorney, so please try to confirm with your attorney.

    Please make sure to come back and update. Cheers.

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    hmm u r question is incomplete ..if u r sevis is not terminated then u r new admission will be easy .. if it is terminated u need to get out of country and come back or reinstatement with uscis ..

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    More details from the reader (dates, grace period, USCIS receipt and other...)

    STEM extension denied, OPT expired 3 months back
    Hi ,I came to USA in dec 2009 on a student visa to a ABC University. I finished my Masters in May 2012 and applied for OPT.
    My OPT was going to expire June 24th 2013 and so I applied for STEM extension in March last week so that USCIS recieved my packet on April 1,2013. June 3, 2013 I got a letter stating RFE for complete employment history right from day 1 of my OPT approval.
    My employer decided to take the help of an attorney for the filing of RFE where the attorney addressed with my timesheets, training schedule, roles learnt, certification I recieved and also the pay stub when I started
    working. The packet was recieved by USCIS on AUG 16,2013 and sept 4th 2013, it was updated on the USCIS website that a denial notice was sent, which I have not recieved yet. After reading a few blogs etc I came to know about
    something called grace period and as per them I am out of status as the grace period completed 60 days after my OPT expiry (i.e Aug 24th 2013) which I was totally unaware of before.I have a valid visa till Nov 2014. I have never violated the F1 status ever before. I applied to a new school ([B] university) immediately and they said I would be getting a new I-20 soon. What are the chances I ll re-enter without a problem and within 2-3days?

    STEM extension denied, OPT expired 3months back
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    No i don't think u r sevis is terminated .. U can transfer to new school

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