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Thread: Is MS in Architecture a STEM field ? Are Employers willing to sponsor H1B?

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    Is MS in Architecture a STEM field ? Are Employers willing to sponsor H1B?

    Hello Desi Opt. I have a friend who has done her Masters in Architecture from a reputed instituted in India. She would like to know if Architecture is a STEM field and if she plans to pursue MS in Arch. in US:
    -Are there enough jobs and are employers wiling to sponsor H1B for such candidates or not?
    -Also, what are the few companies to look forward to in this field for jobs. Thank you.

    This was posted on on 29th August 2013

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    No. bad choice

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    Im confused. she has a Masters in Arch already and wanna pursue another one?

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    Call or email the school to find if particular degree is listed under STEM. If so ask for CIP code and look it up at this link

    STEM Designated Degree Programs

    For Example
    CIP Code and CIP Code Title
    14.0401 Architectural Engineering
    15.0101 Architectural Engineering Technology/Technician
    15.1303 Architectural Drafting and Architectural CAD/CADD
    4.0902 Architectural and Building Sciences/Technology
    14.2201 Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

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    I think the field of design and architecture is very interesting, since the future lies in construction.

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    Architecture it`s really cool, I think)

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