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Thread: OPT grace period and questions

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    OPT grace period and questions

    Hi, I'm in a bit of a Visa pickle. Hoping to find solid advice.


    I'm an Indian girl currently living in the US and my Visa status is in jeopardy.


    I moved to New England for college at 18, completed a 4 year-degree in chemistry and then began looking for work on an F-1 Visa. It took 90 days to find a job (they say you have a 150-day grace period to find work in your field after completing a degree) but I finally found a good one. That was a year ago. I've since applied for and was granted a STEM OPT extension. All good, right? Here's where the trouble begins. I began having chronic health issues and this led to my contract being declined for renewal at the one year mark. This happened yesterday.

    What I need to know:

    How long can I stay in the country considering that I already used up 90 days of the 'grace period'. Does it 'reset' after the OPT extension?

    What jobs qualify to keep me in the country. I've been offered several modelling jobs (quite legit, not porn) but I know that these do not quality.

    What educational opportunities can I pivot into for the sake of staying in the USA? What are my options here?

    Anything else I need to know

    Thank you all in advance. This is a sticky situation and I greatly appreciate any advice that can help me out of it.

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