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Thread: Problems with OPT STEM submission - Help me please! :)

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    Problems with OPT STEM submission - Help me please! :)

    Hi y'all,

    On April 19th, I submitted my docs to USCIS via USPS in order to get my STEM OPT approved.

    However, USPS tracking records shows me that the last time they scanned my package was on April 27th and it's on the way. Nobody from USPS can tell me if my package was delivered or lost.

    I still did not receive any receipt number from USCIS and am getting worried since it's been almost a month and my deadline is may 1st.

    Yesterday I found out that my money order has been cashed. Does that mean that USCIS has my case and it's been processed?

    Would you guys recommend me to apply again?

    Please, lmk if anybody else is having the same issue and how to proceed in this case.

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    Thank you for your response
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