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Thread: Lost Passport before applying for Stem OPT

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    Lost Passport before applying for Stem OPT

    Hello Everyone.

    I am currently on my OPT. I have to start applying for Stem OPT in June. Unfortunately, someone broke into my car and stole my belongings including my passport. I contacted the embassy and they advised me to get the police complaint and apply for a new passport. I reported to the police and I am waiting for the official complaint. I have my F1 visa stamped in my passport but now in the new passport, I won't be having F1 Visa. I was also told to inform the US embassy about my lost passport in India so that they would cancel it. I concerned about my stem application which I will start in a month and a half. Does my change of passport and lost F1 visa will impact my application. I have to send my application which includes my passport and visa details. Since these things will change, does my application will be denied?. I asked my University, they recommended me to meet an Immigration lawyer. I contacted one, they told me to get help from University which i did already. I am confused and concerned. Please help me with this if anyone know some information.

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    I am really sorry for the misfortune happened to you. There is a lot of paperwork and process you have to go through to get this fixed.
    Unfortunately, your University cannot do anything on this.

    First of all, file a police complaint and get the report which will take around a week.
    Once you get that, contact Indian Consulate and ask for the procedure to apply for a new passport.
    They can provide you the genuine website to apply for one when you’re in a foreign country.

    Apply for a new passport from US (Look for Indian Consulate in your region). There are like 3-4 different forms within each other you have to fill up while applying online. Enter all your information with current address where you have access to mailbox. The new passport will be mailed to you in a week or two which will have your old passport number in the last page. But DO NOT CANCEL your Visa through US Consulate else you’ll be out of status.
    Once you get your new passport, apply for STEM OPT by providing all the necessary documents along with copy of new and old passport and Visa. Your EAD will be approved and sent to you.
    After you complete 3-4 months with your employer on the basis of the issued work permit, travel to your home country on your new passport and get the new Visa on it. Make sure you get your latest tI-94 before traveling and book an appointment in US Consulate in your home country before booking the flights.

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