Hello Everyone.

I am currently on my OPT. I have to start applying for Stem OPT in June. Unfortunately, someone broke into my car and stole my belongings including my passport. I contacted the embassy and they advised me to get the police complaint and apply for a new passport. I reported to the police and I am waiting for the official complaint. I have my F1 visa stamped in my passport but now in the new passport, I won't be having F1 Visa. I was also told to inform the US embassy about my lost passport in India so that they would cancel it. I concerned about my stem application which I will start in a month and a half. Does my change of passport and lost F1 visa will impact my application. I have to send my application which includes my passport and visa details. Since these things will change, does my application will be denied?. I asked my University, they recommended me to meet an Immigration lawyer. I contacted one, they told me to get help from University which i did already. I am confused and concerned. Please help me with this if anyone know some information.