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Thread: Post-completion OPT question.

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    Post-completion OPT question.

    I know that if you get a job, you are allowed to work for 3 years. (Studying undergrad STEM course).

    What are the restrictions of the business you can work for? Can it be a small-family run business? Does the business need to make over a certain amount of money? Does it depends on other factors?

    I already know it has to be related to your field of study, but is that the only requirement?


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    company should be e-verified

    The size of the company does not matter. The company must be E-Verified and your work should be related to your field of Study. Best way to clear your doubts is to talk to your school DSO. Usually DSO's are super helpful in answering all questions related to your OPT/STEM OPT.

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