I am a little naive about immigration policies but have been trying to learn as much as possible due to recent events with my significant other (SO). My SO has recently started her OPT after completing her graduate degree in STEM with a job offer in hand, which to my understanding allows my SO to stay in the states for 90 days + 60 days grace period. My SO then filed an I-765 form for her EAD, which we recently learned takes over 90 days on average. We both believe that the job offer will be retracted because they have been calling weekly wondering when my SO can start work, but will attempt to expedite this in the category of financial burdens. I am a bit of a pessimist and believe that the expedite request will be denied, from what I have read from others.

If this is the circumstance, can anyone please provide some suggestions or guidance on what I can look up to better this situation? I am sorry for such a vague question, but am at a loss on what to do due to insufficient knowledge of this topic.