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Thread: Did I get h1b or not?

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    Did I get h1b or not?

    I have received the email below from my employer. I am confused when they say that "Until we receive the original Receipt Notice from USCIS, we will be unable to confirm or verify your selection." From what I understand, if the person get the receipt number from USCIS for their H1B petition, that means the lottery was selected. Is that true? Can someone help me pls???

    You are receiving this e-mail as confirmation that we have filed sponsored petition with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on your behalf in connection with the FY18 H-1B Cap lottery. Pursuant to this filing, we are notifying you of the shipping and tracking confirmation details. The Federal Express tracking number for your petition is XXXXXXXXXX. You can track delivery confirmation via FedEx's website at:

    Please note that USCIS will be sending official Receipt Notices by mail and we will be receiving them in the coming weeks. Please check your XXX profile under your Case on the dashboard for any updates to your record (see attached video). Until we receive the original Receipt Notice from USCIS, we will be unable to confirm or verify your selection.

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    Yes it's picked

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    They just mentioned in the email that they applied for your H1b for fiscal year 2018. I would suggest you to talk to your employer first to confirm about it instead going for forum opinions

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    No it doesn't inform that your application was selected
    It's just to inform the tracking information of your application packet

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    Most those who have been selected have received receipts. If you receive is a few days, you are selected, if not, then chances are less

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    Looks like it got picked in lottery. H1B for FY-2018 is correct, no need to worry.

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    What u got is not an official receipt from USCIS confirming the selection of your petition. It's only the courier tracking number through which ur employer sent the petition

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    That email is from employer and there is no receipt number in that. It is a tracking number. From what u have posted, there is no evidence that u have been selected. If u indeed have a receipt number, then u r selected.

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