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Thread: Issue with h1b petition and passport renewal coinciding

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    Post Issue with h1b petition and passport renewal coinciding

    Hi All, this is regarding the initial H1B and passport renewal.

    My initial F1 VISA for a MS in CS got expired in August 2019 and my H1B that year didn't get picked even that year though I was full time, bad luck I guess and that followed to even last year. My current passport also expires this year in November.

    I joined a second masters for IT Management then and will be graduating this year in May.

    First I wanted to renew my passport however it got incomplete status initially stating that they need my valid/unexpired VISA copy though I had provided my I20 and CPT authorization for the current job as my F1 will show the expiry in 2019.

    My H1B registration is applied through my company however got a note from HR that even though my passport is okay to register, however if I get picked I need to provide a renewed passport for petition as the year applied for in H1B is 2022 of course so to apply for the passport renewal right away.

    My question is how do I provide a valid VISA copy until my H1B is approved and at the same time, how do I renew my passport without the valid VISA copy? The two seems to need each other which to put delicately a very weird situation to be in and due to COVID, even reaching out has been extremely painful as mostly calls are not even allowed to explain.

    Any advice would be appreciated as well as guidance.

    Thank you, appreciate it.

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    Were you able to get your passport renewed ? I am in a same situation, it would very helpful if you could please let me know how did you solve your issue?

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