Dear All
I filed for 7 month OPT stem extension in Aug 2016. I sent my application through USPS, after 7 days i found out that they were not able to track my package. i sent another application by UPS. my bad luck both reached at same day and two receipt number (X,Y)were issued. So i called customer service and they asked me to withdraw one of the application and I sent the written request for which i got conformation by mail(X). After 1 month in October i got another withdrawal conformation for my other application(Y). Now they have withdrawn my both application even though i didn't withdraw the other application. I called immigration officers and they did put service request. Answer was not at all relate dto question and they just sent me copy of withdrawal. i wen to local office of USCIS but no use, they said they can't do anything. I need to send the written explanation of what happened
please suggest what should i do.