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Thread: F1 visa interview help

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    F1 visa interview help

    Hello everyone, I would like to ask some questions about visa interviews

    Iím supposed to have my interview next month(if it doesnít get cancelled) and Iím kind of stressing out...

    What is it usually like? I had a visa this year j-1 and the cost for my program was pretty much the same as it is this year for my tuition, however I was never asked for a bank statement at my interview so that still stresses me out. I was also not asked any questions, my interview was as easy as it gets which is why Iím still kind of concerned.

    I am going to a community college and I have reasons for this. Itís very close to where I was this year(which means I have some connections and fitting in would be easy), Iíd say itís the #1 choice from seniors in my school and itís also pretty well known for having good relationships with international students.

    My biggest worry is the fact that I have a girlfriend in the US and I donít want this to be the reason my visa gets rejected... we have been dating for not a very long time and I applied to my college before we even started dating so if the question was asked id bring this fact up, I would also say that all exchange students form my program were sent back home early(we were given a choice knowing that we might have no way of going back later on) and I choose to go back so I wouldnít over stay even tho at that point I did have a girlfriend. I also have my whole family in my home country and my job would also be here as my dad owns a company that is here.

    Do you think I should be fine? Iím starting to get very worried mostly because of the very little time I already have because of covid-19

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