I came to US in the year 2015 July. I completed my masters from ACCT in march 2017 and I got my opt in May 2017. I got married in 2017 OCT. I came into US without any issues in immigration. and in December my schools got shutdown, so I have joined in second masters in “Campbells university” and then transfer to UC because in near to me, and started working on my (Day1) CPT. By here the first half of my story was completed.

Coming to the 2nd half, July 2018 my wife went for F2 Visa interview and got rejected by giving 214(b) and they said, she is not eligible to apply. Visa Officer asked my Visa and I20's, by the way my i20 valid till Dec 2019 visa will expire on june 2020. Please check the below conversation between my wife and VO.

VO: Why are you going to US

To stay with my husband

Vo: Can I have your husband I20

Vo: when did you married


Vo: since how long your husband is in US

3 years

Vo: how many schools did he changed till now

3 schools

VO: Why didn’t you go with your husband
To complete my studies, I stayed back

Vo: Sorry you are not eligible to apply for this visa.

He gave 214(b) and rejected.

Do i need to send her again to Visa interview or Do she need to apply for visiting visa?

Can you guys please give your suggestions on this. Ans also how to answer on the second masters with day1 CPT if the question arises.