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Thread: Question regarding OPT-STEM extension

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    Question regarding OPT-STEM extension

    I applied for OPT-STEM extension reciept date 6/5. 1yr masters OPT expired June 30. I lost my job July 31st due to Covid. Notified DSO within 10th day. August 13 application denied still waiting for denial letter. Is lack of employment/job loss reason for denial? Does the 60 day rule to find another job apply before STEM OPT extension is approved even though I had the 180 day leeway? What do you think the reason is and what are possibly my options? I got accepted into 2 masters programs as backup.

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    I was also laid off recently, with my STEM opt in process. I submitted new documentation with new employer. I am still waiting for response on my application.
    Can you please explain me how does 2nd masters program help? You won't be able to apply for InitiaL opt or STEM OPT in 2nd masters right?

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