My OPT was denied due to the mistake of USCIS is there a way to contact them and correct it rather than actually filing a appeal and wait for it for 90+ days to get approved.
My situation:
1. I filed my OPT on April 1st 2020
2. My H-1B was approved on May 19th 2020.
3. The USCIS rejected my case saying you are no longer a F1- Student and as your H-1B1 is effective from May 19th 2020

The H1B1 is a totally different visa from H1B and is effective from the same day where as H-1B gets effective from October 1st 2020.
Thus they misunderstood my case and rejected it.
Can approach them somehow to fix this. Contacting them by call was of no use and they direct you to apply the appeal.