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Thread: Unintentional CPT Violation by few days

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    Exclamation Unintentional CPT Violation by few days

    I am currently on F1-visa and using Day 1 CPT to work fulltime. I unintentionally worked for a period of 25 days after my university cancelled my CPT because of poor academic performance. I had received the physical copy of my i20 authorizing me to work till the end of August. However, I later got notified about the cancellation of my CPT via an email which unfortunately I missed seeing till now. I did not receive any other I-20 (physically or electronically). I then appealed to the DSO and academic staff to reconsider my academic probation and to reinstate CPT which they denied.
    Can you suggest if the 25 day period in which I was paid but didnít have authorization to work will affect her visa status or future visa applications. What should be the course of action from here on.
    Has anybody here been in a similar situation and can recommend the best way forward.

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    Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, it will effect your future visa, because there will be a section in most of our application forms did you ever violated the rules.

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