Hi All,

Done my masters in August 2019. I applied for OPT (I-765 work authorization) on June 16, 2019, I got a RFE on September 2019, I replied RFE by submitting required documents, they received the documents on September mid, 2019, after a long wait I raised Service request to USCIS, after which I got an email from USCIS, which is saying that we need to complete security check on your application report and that is why we put you on hold. From then, after every month I raised three Service Requests, and I got the same reply saying that they are waiting for Security check report. Also, they mentioned that they cannot move forward on my case until they receive security check report.

After that i requested to congressman, its been 50 days, no use in my case.

and i requested to ombudsman couple of days back

Thus, itís been 9 months I have applied to OPT (I-765 Work Authorization) as well as 205 days long responded to RFE.

Anyone waiting long time to get OPT , any similar experience, please share and what to do in this scenario, please help me

Thank You in Advance