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Thread: Multiple H1b's selected in lottery

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    Question Multiple H1b's selected in lottery

    I filed multiple H1b applications through two different employers. Both applications have been selected in the electronic Lottery system. Now I have 90 days time to submit documents. I am currently on CPT (Second Master's). So, what are my options and how should I proceed further?

    Since this year onwards, Once H1b is selected in the lottery it is not possible to drop the application (Read on
    If I proceed with both the employers, will there be a chance of getting rejected? since multiple employers have filed H1b petition for a same applicant.

    Please give your suggestions.

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    You intentionally filed with multiple employers that will raise red flags. USCIS is scrutinizing applicants who take this route so ensure you choose one. Do not try to increase your chances. That will lead to rejection.

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    This is really wrong. Because of people filing multiple petitions or filing a petition without a current project, eligible candidates are being deprived of the opportunity. I hope everyone who feels cheated because of this misuse brings it to USCIS attention by filing a complaint and I hope USCIS makes use of this new system to flag those employers/petitioners.

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    try first application, if you get rfe you can try other one

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