Hi guys,

I recently submitted my OPT application to USCIS, after a few days I wasn't sure if I signed the newly generated I-20 or not. I met with the DSO of my University and she gave me three options:

1. Don't take any action now. (She didn't recommend this though)

2. DSO's have some email-ids which they can use to send in a signed I-20 asking them to put this into my file. (She said they were responsive long back ago but nowadays are unresponsive and not clear)

3. Withdrawal of my current application by sending in a letter and then generate a new I-20 in 2 days and resubmit my application again. (She recommended this the most)

Firstly, I'll be graduating on March 20th. I have an offer from Amazon with a start date of April 20th. My previous application was received by USCIS on Jan 22. I'm not sure what should I do and I'm in need of some advice. I'm really nervous that in case I withdraw and apply again which in turn didn't go through again I wouldn't have time left to apply again. I worked really hard these 2 years and cannot think of anything else right now. I'm really worried right now. Which option should I go for?
Please help!!

Any advice would really be great. Thank you!