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Thread: Traveling to India on Second year of OPT, OPT expires in June 2021

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    Traveling to India on Second year of OPT, OPT expires in June 2021

    Hi All,

    I am traveling to India Next week for 19 days, cause it's been 3 years i have not been visited my parents. I am on second year of OPT and my OPT expires in June 2021. I was working in one of the project in Bay area but i got released from it suddenly, i have booked my flight tickets a month before as i was sure that my project will get extended. Now i am in a situation where i don't have a project but am with Desi consultancy. So should i travel to India in this situation where i am not having project in my hand or should i avoid, but have all the documents like valid passport, OPT EAD card, Travel I20, Pay slips till today, Employment Letter from consultancy.

    Guys, please let me know your suggestions, as what kind of questions i would get while returning from India at POE, What should i answer if CBP officer ask about the end client that i am working for ? My flight is on next Monday.

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    Hi Guys,

    Can anybody respond on my Thread. It would be appreciated if someone can give me some suggestions on this one.


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