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Thread: F-1 visa rejected 3 times, applying for 4th time

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    Angry F-1 visa rejected 3 times, applying for 4th time

    Dear Users,
    I have been rejected three times for F-1 visa for Harrisburg university. Please give me some advice on how do I prepare for the fourth one?
    Below are my 3 visa interview instances in short:

    First Visa Interview, October 8 2019

    ME:Morning Mam How are you?
    VO: I am good. Why are you going to US?
    ME: Pursuing a master degree. Here are my passport and I20.
    VO: What did you do before?
    ME: I worked for B in the last 2 years and just resigned. Before that, I did a master in XXX from A School. Even before that, I was in China and worked there for 4 years.
    VO:Why this school?
    ME: 1. Design of the course work. 2. Location of the school. It is close to where I used to live and I like the weather in northeast US. 3. Tuition of the program is reasonable.

    VO: Can I see your resume, advisor resume and study plan?
    ME: Here is my resume and goal statement. My program is course based so I don’t have advisor resume. (I didn’t prepare study plan and gave the goal statement for school application.)
    VO:Why apply Visa at this moment?
    ME: Because I had some commitment with the previous company so I resigned late.
    VO: Who will sponsor your study?
    ME: I have some personal savings and my parents will also sponsor.
    VO: (smile) Oh you have personal savings!
    VO:What visa did you use for B?
    ME: It was G4.
    VO: Are you married?
    ME: No.
    VO:Mam I understand your program is course based but I still need you to submit these documents to this email address. (handling over 221g)
    ME: How long will this take?
    VO: Probably 3-4 weeks.
    ME: Thank you!
    I sent my study plan(cyber security major and wrote that I will take cyber security related courses) and my advisor resume

    visa rejection 214B after 1 week.

    Second Visa Interview, November 5, 2019 (another city)

    Someone told me cyber security is sensitive topic so change the courses in your study plan to other IT kind of courses. Hence I changed the study plan to focus more on Sytems implementation, automation, data reporting, etc.

    ME: Morning I am here for F1 visa (passing passport and I20)
    VO: (without looking at anything) Is this your first time going to US?
    ME: No, i went to US in 2016 for the first time. Studies in A university and then was hired by B for 2 years. Because my plan is to go back to China for work so I resigned in this October.(She wasn’t patient with my long answer)
    VO:Please give me your admission letter, resume, advisor resume and study plan. And why do you need a second master?
    ME: Here are my admission letter, resume and study。。。

    VO: (interrupt me) Why do you need a second master?
    ME: Mam my program is course based and I don’t have an advisor. (VO smirk)My career goal is to do XXXX in Chinese financial industry and I see the demand for people with knowledge of information systems, data structure and … in banking industry. As a person from finance background, (interrupted)
    VO:How many school did you apply?
    ME: 4. They are GW, VTU, HU and NorthEastern. I was rejected by VTU and am still waiting for NorthEastern and GW.
    VO: Why do you apply for visa at this moment?
    ME:Because my program starts in January and I understand nowadays it takes time for visa processing. I want to leave enough time for it.
    VO: one second please. (Left for 10 seconds with my resume, study plan)
    VO:Where are you from?
    ME: You mean hometown?
    VO: Yes
    ME: Originally I am from XX but I went to university in YY. That’s why my passport was issued in YY. VO:You were refused in Beijing this October. What happened?
    ME: My material was not complete and (interrupted)
    VO:Why do you come to GZ?
    ME: I am here because my grandparents live here in winter and I will be here for a month.(VO smirk)
    VO: (turned off the mic and talked to next seat for 2-3 seconds)
    VO:Do you need to attend the school in person?
    ME: Yes, it is a full time program and I need to (was stopped by her)
    VO: Typing (look at me for 1-2 seconds)typing Sorry I cannot approve your visa at this time…
    ME: Thank you.

    Third Visa Interview November 15 2019 (same city as 2nd interview)

    ME:How are you?

    VO: I am doing good.

    ME: I am here for student visa and here are my passport and I20.

    VO:What is the major?

    ME: Master in Computer Information Science

    VO: (Looking through the passport) you worked for IDB on G4?

    ME: Yes, I was hired for 4 years and I resigned after 2 years. My contract was still valid for 2 years when I resigned because my plan is not to live or work in the US for the long run. So I left after I got the school admission. I have the contracts here. Would you like to take a look?

    VO: No. (Looking at the computer) You studied in JHU? When did you graduate?

    ME: Yes, I graduated in August 2017 and was hired by IDB.

    VO: Did you use your OPT?

    ME: Yes, I used my OPT till Feb 2018 and changed to G4.

    VO: Can I see you OPT card? There is no information here (I20)

    ME: Here you are. (Passed EAD card, and previous school’s I20)

    VO: Give me your contracts also.

    ME: Looking…… Left for 3-5 mins. Took all documents (i20, OPT card, contracts…)

    VO: Do you have the course you are going to take?

    ME; Yes, I have my study plan and courses are on the last page.

    VO: What about Cyber security?

    ME: Cyber security is one topic in Operational risk management. I know I mentioned it at the first study plan. But we look at it from the perspective of business continuity. That is to say whether the company is able to continue to work if something happens.

    VO: So your program is for 2 years and you plan to take 2 courses for each semester?

    ME: Yes. The school allows us to finish the course in 18 months. I plan to take 2 courses in the first semester and see how the learning curve works for me. But I hope I can complete it in 18 months.

    Typing typing

    ME: I also have the introduction on the school. Would you like to take a look?

    VO: No, I have enough documents to look at.

    (return EAD card)

    Typing typing

    ME: If you have concern on cybersecurity, i can explain a little bit.

    VO: No.


    VO: Unfortunately,……(retuned everything)

    ME: May I know why mam?

    VO: Hmm you are not qualified for the type of visa you are applying. It is on the letter.

    ME: Thank you

    In third interview, I felt that she read cybersecurity notes from previous VO’s comments and realized that this time my study plan is changed and consists of different courses.

    Please help guys, I am planning to give 4th interview within 10 days and I really need your advice.

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    Hey Arjun... any update from you?? I am in a similar condition... All i heard is that we have rejections for Harrisburg University... kindly let me know if you have any update

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