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Thread: #SEVIS Terminated, #F1 Expired #F1 Reinstatement

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    #SEVIS Terminated, #F1 Expired #F1 Reinstatement

    Hello all,
    #SEVIS Terminated, #F1 Expired #F1 Reinstatement
    >I came on F1 visa in 2013 and graduated from a state University in CA.
    >Used my STEM opt, No h1, after OPT Joined Day 1 CPT. (F1 expired in 2018 June).
    >SEVIS Terminated last week; Reason: “*Termination was due to “UNAUTHORIZED DROP BELOW FULL COURSE”.

    >Current Situation: F1 expired in 2018 and SEVIS terminated last week.
    >Options by Attorney: New F1 stamping by crossing border or F1 Reinstatement with new I20.

    > Im looking for some Universities or Colleges which accepts Terminated SEVIS students and from there I can start working on my F1 Reinstatement.

    What Im looking for
    1. Universities recommendations accepting terminated SEVIS for F1 reinstatement
    2. What are the odds in going to Mexico/home country for New F1 stamping

    Any suggestions/Experiences/Advises are highly appreciated in my case, Thanks Guys

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    Same situation here too.
    Can you please tell me what you did

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