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Thread: H1B Counselor Visa vs STEM OPT Extension

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    Question H1B Counselor Visa vs STEM OPT Extension

    Hi, I have a counselor H1B and stem extension opt as of now.
    I have the following questions:
    1. Do i have an opportunity to use my Stem opt (if approved ) for next 2 years and then activate h1b after 2 years ?
    2. If 1 is yes then will I be safely able to travel on stem opt without getting stamping ? Also when after 2 years i will activate h1b will the start of h1b change, should i expect to receive some documents which tells new h1b time periods ?

    I am also considering changing jobs, but am not sure which Visa is better to move on.
    3. Should I move to H1B first and then change jobs? In other words, is it better to go on H1B and then file for H1B transfer with the new company
    4. Or should I first change jobs ( while I'm still on stem opt) and then reapply for H1B with the new job? In this case, is it reapplication of H1B and do I need to sit in lottery again?

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