Hi everyone,

I got rfe on my stem opt application. It asks me for employment history during initial OPT. Employer letter, W2, and paystubs are required.

My situation is that I work for a subsidiary of a big company. The parent company does all the employee e-verify and management, so the subsidiary itself is not registered in the e-verify system. When I submitted my stem opt application, all the information I used was of the parent company. Now the employer letter shouldn’t be a problem. My company is willing to write a support letter for me (with the parent company’s letterhead) and clarify the relationship between the parent company & subsidiary company. However, my pay stub and W2 has the subsidiary’s name, which is totally different. Is it ok if I just submit those pay stubs and W2 with subsidiary’s info? Are there any good solutions?

Thanks so much in advance for your help!