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Thread: H1-B picked up and received RFE

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    H1-B picked up and received RFE

    Hello all,
    Following is my situation.

    New H1-B filed for year 2020.
    Petition Filed - April 4th,2019.
    Lottery Picked - April 29th,2019.
    RFE received - July 29th,2019.
    Processing Type - Regular Processing
    Education Background -
    Bachelor's in Science(Computer Science)
    Master in Science(Computer Science)

    Work Nature - Contract Type(C2C)

    Case processing centre - Vermont.

    My petition is filed for year fiscal year'20.Although i have not yet received what are actual documents requested in response to my RFE.But, i want to know will the RFE document copy will be sent only to attorney/employer and then from employer to me or i will too receive the copy of RFE from USCIS on my address.The actual cause of RFE is still unknown but will it be explained in copy received to my attorney or not means to say if something related to speciality occupation something like that along with job title and job code.How long does it takes to get copy from USCIS regarding RFE from vermont center.Any perfect inputs/suggestions regarding this context will be highly appreciable.TIA!!!

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    Hi akshay,

    Looks like you've checked on USCIS website. At this point of time do not assume what the RFE is. RFE will be sent to your attorney/employer which ever address was indicated on your petition. You will never receive an RFE copy.
    However, you can contact your employer after a week to see what the RFE is. If they need anything from you they will let you know. Few cases employer and attorney will take care of it without involvement of employee.

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