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Thread: Laid off During STEM OPT is still in process

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    Laid off During STEM OPT is still in process

    I am currently working at a firm through which I had applied for my Stem-Opt back in mid June. However, I will be leaving the company on 15th of August during which I will still not have my EAD card in hand as the application is still processing. So, I will definitely be unemployed for a few days. During this period am I allowed to use my remaining Standard OPT unemployment days even if I haven't received my Stem-OPT card? Please let me know if I can use it or else what other option do I have.

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    Its 90/150 unemployment rule.
    Initial post-completion OPT only Up to 90 days only.
    24-month extension An additional 60 days only.

    The total duration would be 150 days on 3 years of unemployment.

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