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Thread: H1-B Employer- Employee Realtionship RFE

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    H1-B Employer- Employee Realtionship RFE


    I am one among many who picked in the H1B lottery this year and currently on Stem-OPT. USCIS asked to provide more proof on the Employer-Employee relationship. I am working as a Sub-Contractor for fortune 100 company - I was given the client letter but the mid-vendor is not willing to provide the necessary documentation such as SOW, MSA or PO which would potentially add strength to my application. In this case, things look like broken without the above mentioned details.

    I am seeking to know if anyone have come across this kind of scenario and would like to know the options on how to proceed further

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    This is not exact answer for your questions. I'm just trying to give some options not sure if this would be helpful. This is the first time I heard.
    1. Looks like your client is much helpful. Request you client manager to talk to prime vendor and help them understand importance of MSA or PO or SOW for your visa (you can mention few link from USCIS website). You can ask the prime vendor to mask the critical information on these documents. However, contact details on these letter should not be masked if USCIS wants to contact someone in your prime vendor.
    2. Because its an RFE not sure if you can change prime vendor. See if your client is okay to change the prime vendor or if your vendor company can directly work with client.
    3. As client is helpful, mention your client>prime vendor>your employer information establishing client to employee relationship and get it signed from your client. This is not alternative for MSA or PO but could be helpful.
    4. Check if prime vendor can at least sign on a document where you clearly mention client>prime vendor>your employer>your relationship.

    Can you share the prime vendor name here? It could be helpful for everyone to think before joining this vendor.

    If the vendor which you've mentioned is not prime vendor, you can talk to prime vendor and explaining this situation. You may be allowed to work with them directly on C2C.

    Finally, don't take decision just based on reviews make sure you've a good immigration attorney hired.

    Please do post what next step you've taken it would be helpful for everyone.

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