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Thread: H1B to F-1 visa, now on Initial OPT

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    H1B to F-1 visa, now on Initial OPT


    I came to USA on H1-B visa in March 2015, did work through my Indian company till July 2016.
    Then I applied for my F-1 visa petition in July 2016 and got it.
    Later on, I shifted to a University to do my Master from Aug 2016 to Dec 2018 on F-1 visa(and my change of status was approved, and they issue me a new I-797 with F-1)
    From Jan 2019 till now, I got my OPT and then started working again.

    My question to everyone is that in all these years from March 2015 till now, I never went to India. Im planning to travel in Dec 2019. So what should I be doing for stamping ?
    My stamping(H1-B visa) on my passport was from Jan 2015 to July 2017. But I never had F-1 stamping. I got all my I-20 with me and my university was a good state university.
    Please suggest me, what should I be doing. Like going for stamping in India for F-1, so whether I need to show college fees etc.or on what criteria they will give me further visa.
    Right now Im on Initial OPT.

    Any suggestion, would be appreciable.

    Thanks !!!

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    In general, an F-1 student on post-completion OPT may travel outside the United States temporarily and be readmitted to resume F-1 status and employment for the remainder of the period authorized on his or her EAD card. The student must not have exceeded the maximum OPT unemployment or OPT STEM Extension unemployment time. That is should not have exceeded 90 days of unemployment starting from EAD approval date.

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