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Thread: OPT to CPT Question/Concern

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    OPT to CPT Question/Concern

    Hi All,

    My OPT is expiring on June 6th and my new admission for day 1 CPT program is effective from July 1st. So, if I get my SEVIS transferred to new college before my OPT End date (June 6th), will I be on status for the time period between OPT expiration date (June 6th) to new college start date (July 1st) ? Someone who has a guaranteed knowledge on this, please advise. Thanks in advance.


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    Hi Vamshi, while my interactions with lawyers I found that after OPT expires you have 60 days to stay in US. So I believe you can stay. Can I know what course you applied to get in CPT. I will appreciate your response. Thanks.

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    You will be in the 60-day grace period, I believe. So you will not be accruing any unlawful presence.

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    Yes, as long as you transfer your SEVIS before June 6, you should be fine.

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