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Thread: CPT employer name correction (--URGENT)

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    CPT employer name correction (--URGENT)


    I'm an international student in US. I will be starting internship in a company called "XYZ Technology". I applied for CPT and got my new I-20. However, the employer's name in new I-20 say "XYZ Technologies".

    I'm trying to figure out, how much of a trouble is this thing gonna be ?

    Any help will be immensely appreciated.

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    I don’t think this will be problem , Uscis will create a case and will reach out to your employer if there is any data mismatch in your cpt authorization document

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    I had the same issue with employer name . Don’t worry !!

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    It is cpt just updated in ur college , no need to take it to uscis

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    If it is cpt, just contact your college dso and get it changed. No need to go to uscis..

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